Let the Beat Build Freestyle Lyrics – Fabolous

I came back for it like I left it, nigga
You try me and get more than a “E” for effort, nigga
My shorty don’t curse, so she said eff her nigga
Threw him out the house, Jazzy Jeff’d the nigga
My advice — get your money, cut the corny shit
My homie said, “Keep it coming,” like a horny bitch
Shit; well, I must know her spot
And everybody sweating me — they must know I’m hot
Might not meet another nigga like myself
I swim in it — you gon’ think you slept with Michael Phelps
Tired of this bullshit — this how Michael felt
Watching what I’m counting — bitch, would you like to help?
Money talks, nigga, and nobody hear ya
Rims big — midgets use them for a body mirror
And I just pulled that B up out of J.D.’s hive
I let my lady drive; we on the 85
World’s waiting with ten stack bag
I walked in with that “Yeah that’s right — I’m back” swag
A gang of us but nah, we don’t back flags
Red or blue, everybody goes in black bags
Black coupe, black mags, black gut, black rag
Gucci belt, but the jeans in the bag sag
Yeah, I’m showing my ass
Girl, the dick good money — get to blowing the cash
I call my nigga Jeezy up — “Boy, you gotta throw me one
Remember that Dominican? Yeah nigga, you owe me one
You know how I like ’em, homie — tell ’em they would like to know me
And if you one-two check it, bitch, microphone me”
This is Loso, case you didn’t know so
Damn, the lights are coming on; guess it’s time to go, so
The end of the night, a real nigga need a real bitch
And this is how getting money feel, bitch