Downfall Lyrics – Joe Budden

Yall don’t know me
Honestly, I can’t say that I blame yall
I don’t even really know myself
But, yall probably shouldn’t know me

[Verse 1]
Last thing I’m tryna be is the good guy now
I ain’t never gave a fuck, why should I now?
Like the world’s interrupting my song, with an interlude
Can’t y’all see I’m busy trying to balance out my chemical?
Finishing up, what y’all ain’t even begin to do
When your back’s against the ropes it’s either him or you
Y’all ain’t so important that my words are meant for you
When did ey’body become so sensual
Caught up in the he-say, she-say, blog sites
Him and her, broke up, WorldStar, Nahright
Dumb fans, they believe, everything that y’all write
Found out, friends fake, couldn’t even facade right
Pressures on, won’t fail, nigga got too much to prove
Would’ve been, lost it, but I got too much to lose
Say what you want about Joe, but I stood my ground
Bitch, I get it up myself, you just put it down
They say, I put my whole life on display to my dismay
Stop it, you’re carrying on without logic
Let me tell you this about Joe
I only say what I want you to hear
You’ll only see what I want to show
Crushing up the Percocet, chasing the high, Talli
I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried
The forecast shows a downpour
Y’all just made God cry, praying for my Downfall
This shit I’m talking ’bout right here
Let me tell you niggas something
You can be anything in this world that you want
Except for my downfall

[Verse 2]
I’m a victim of society, circumstance or just feelings
Was a nigga victimized? Or just willing?
No blinds, no bags, just dealing
No foundation or floor plan, just building
Check it, nights bright, but the days dark
Covered in tattoos, but hate art
These eggshells I walk on are razor sharp
Staring at the finish line, looking for a way to start
I’ve been called everything, an extremist
Is that a bad thing or what they really mean is
Anything a nigga do, a nigga mean it
And I won’t let a person, place or thing come between it
An opportunist is how they paint me
But if the nigga only knocks once can you blame me?
Still I feel like my problems are great
Shit, if I don’t never solve em’ I’m straight
On the bright side God choose me to put a lot on my plate
So he had to figure I wouldn’t be bothered by the weight
I’m trying to change the pattern but it’s on loop
Even an outcast in my own group
What’s it mean when ey’body standing next to you expects of you
Everything that comes wit a spectacle?
If everywhere I go, I just leave behind residue
Tell me, trust me, I won’t think nothing less of you
I’m sorry I ain’t around more
Come up with me, or stay on the ground floor
I don’t need shelter from the downpour
Y’all can be whatever you want, just not my downfall
They tryna make me slow, tryna take me, no!
Can’t be my downfall
They tryna knock my grind, I won’t stop, I’m fine
Can’t be my downfall

[Verse 3]
No moment of clarity
The next fight showing is a rarity
Severity in me against my growin popularity
Rappers won’t rap, I’m forced to believe they scared of me
But can no longer use the scape goat, ‘They not aware of me’
So y’all can go and throw your little pot shots
Some dudes dissed me and temporarily got hot
I’m getting my head right, recollecting
Y’all looking for some website resurrection
Being that I got too much to lose
Or maybe a slight chance that a nigga guilty of all that I’m accused
No longer amused, affected my loved ones
Now they startin’ to bruise
And I don’t want no parts of that abuse
Wouldn’t wish upon my worst foe, a day in my shoes
That’ll just eliminate any excuse
And why entertain em’?
Old me would’a lost my senses, y’all just helping the new me regain em’
Been punched in the face
It was either feed my family or hunt wit the .38
I ain’t want brunch to wait
I’ve out grown Hip-Hop, it turned into a Day-Care
So next time some shit is on my mind, it’ll stay there
I’m staring at the man in the mirror
But it ain’t helping see the man any clearer
So I get M.I.A from around y’all
Till God stops answering these prayers for my downfall

[Verse 4]
Tell me what am I to do
If I ain’t have a soul a nigga always had you, pardon due
But I gotta speak candidly
How the FUCK could you abandon me?!?
Wit 5 years of blood, sweat and tears
But it was obviously a disconnect
We turned that into a disrespect
Said she been holding it inside for years, she’s unhappy
So the girl I wan’ marry was afraid to come and tap me
So I went away on tour, and you went on one of your own
But while you was on the horn all day wit ol’ boy
Did you ever think about what it would do to your home?
What’s his name? Where’s he live?
What is it he offers? What’s he got to give?
And I love you so much that when I caught on to your fibs
I hit you like a man, you wore it in your ribs
I was heated
But had to be strong enough to remove the infidelity and see what’s underneath it
Come to find out you felt lied to and cheated
Mistreated, and kept it a big secret
Or are you just loose?
And I’m so naive I’m tryna give you an excuse
Now that I refuse to believe, we life partners
Holy water on whatever devil come and try to part us
Can’t use anything I ever gave you to bury me
You supposed to be the one to bury me
You wan’ leave? Then goodbye
Think the grass look greener on the other side, but it’s dye