Never Change Lyrics – AZ

– Yo A what’s goin’ on?
– Yo yo, what up baby boy?
– Ohhhhh
– Hahaha
– What’s the deal my nigga?
– Look at you, uh huh, you lookin like money
– You know what it is
– Yeah
– You know what it is
– Yeah
– It’s been 2 or 3 years, right?
– I know, it been a minute right?
– I know man, listen here
– It’s all good though, you know I’m maintaining
– You lookin’ good though baby boy
– I mean whatever, lets get it poppin’
– Alright, well I’m with you, gimmie your number
– No doubt, no doubt
– Here go my number right here
[Verse 1]
You know the happenings, homies just yappin’ and
Hand shaking, laughing, and exchangin’ all they math again
You usually lose touch when you travelin’
A few dudes bruised up in the battlin’
Parked on Madison across from the Radisson
We talked about the tattlin’ some niggas did in Maryland
Plus discussed old homicides unravelin’
I asked, was he dabblin’, he laughed and said he managin’
His Carti frames was as clear as a camera lens
He hardly changed, I was near in comparison
We joked about how police choked him out
And he claimed as far as fame I had enough to bust in Oprah’s mouth
In other words, I was up in clout
And from the curb I need to pull a Larry Bird, ‘fore I’m up and out
Without a sound, snatched my Guinness off the ground
Rose up, gave him a pound and told him, “Homie, hold it down”

You know the game insane in the brain
Big things in the Range, real niggas never change
And though we homies and we no longer hang
You know you know me and that love still remains
So through the fame, through the fire and the flames
I adapt to the pain, real niggas do the same
And though we homies and we no longer hang
You know you know me and that love still remains
[Verse 2]
It was Tuesday when I saw him, figured Friday I could call him
Woke up early Wednesday morning, flew a chick in from New Orleans
She ain’t that average bitch who be doggin’ for dick
You know them chicks that get you sick when they keep callin’
Up in Nordstrom’s for a fresh pair to floss ’em
Of course with footwear I be that first nigga that sport ’em
Caught ’em before the salesmen even had time to assort ’em
Bought ’em before any celeb stylist ever saw ’em
Wore ’em soon as I copped ’em in the spot playing possum
Debating my destination, lacing, weighing my options
Celly started rockin’, I answered, what’s poppin’
They answered and said, they shot him, now the hood got a problem
I had to swallow, reaching out for my water bottle
Tryin’ to figure what nigga, why and by who, then
Before you know it, the other voice told it
It was homie from the old clique I just seen and spoke with


[Verse 3]
It’s Doe or Die, we survive ’till we slain
And it’s no surprise, homie was probably high when they came
I know the guy, he was fly, him and I was the same
A Gemini, with a status symbolized as his name
Godly trained, he could camouflage on any terrain
Carti frames, we go back like Bartles and James
It’s a shame cause they say his baby mom is to blame
But nonchalantly I refrained cause it constantly changed
From close range, somebody please slowly explain
If they just wanted some jewels why didn’t they go for the chain
If they just wanted some news they could’ve left him in his Hanes
But no, they just left a nigga breathless and banged

[Produced by The Heatmakerz]