I Used to Know Her Lyrics – DJ Quik

Yeah something new
Something different
Yeah bitch you know who im talkin bout
I’m going to tell the whole world about yo ass

I used to know her
(Talk box)I used to know her
I used to know her
(Talk box)I used to know her
Way back in 1991
I used to know her
(Talk box)I used to know her
I use to know her
(Talk box)I used to know her
I used to know her
(Talk box)I used to know
Way back in 1991, I used to know her

[Verse 1 – DJ Quik]
Well 1991, I was rockin’ my jheri curl, just a young gun
Lookin’ for the bitches that have alot of fun
Just dropped a hit record now I’m under the sun
Winter time night fall cold as hell
Standin’ outside of the Goldentail
Hella hoes mobbin’ in pushin’ gettin’ through
Tiger striped cat suit looking at me too
I asked her “what’s your title” and she said it was “V”
Vanessa you impress a nigga, can’t you see
What you doin’ later can I kick it with you?
She said it all depends on what you wanna do
Took me to her buddy’s house, walked in the room
Buzzin’ off the kamikaze that I consumed
Talk, kiss, grind tyrin’ to get get my balls off first
She said nigga can you take my draws off first
I was young I admit it
She told me I was horny and wild, but still let me hit it
Hot bare back until I felt that quake
She told me shoot that milk shake, shoot that milk shake
Goddamn I dont wanna get sprung
Take it out the pussy bust a nut on her tummy
Ran home to tell my nigga Top
About this cock that just wouldn’t stop, yeah
I told him she was greeneyed light skinned and fly
He said he met a bitch like that last july
A car pulled up and it was her no doubt
I told him thats who I’m talkin’ about
He said that’s who I’m talkin’ about damn

[Verse 2 – AMG]
Now here’s the plan
In the home of the one night stand
Rolled up in a stretch
Pussy to catch
Plus now I’m sittin’ the V.I.P
And hoes wanna suck on the D.I.C, OK
So here’s the play give me OJ and Tanqueray
Have you had you dick today
Is what im thinkin
But i’ve been drinkin
I see you peepin me out
And its freakin me out
Cause she fine than a motherfucker about 5’8
135 and I just can’t wait (for what)
To hit the backside,and get the top love
Buck naked in the hot tub
Cause she knew who I was and what I am and what I is (who are you)
The flyest nigga in the rap biz
And they’re playin’ my song so a nigga gotta go and uh
Put a ho in the limo
She was askin’ me question after question
Until she seen my life size erection
I bent her over prepared to do my duty
And seen my nigga Quik’s name on her booty

[Verse 3 – DJ Quik and AMG]
Were running out of Beedies
Now who gon do the honors
I hit the liquor next to Benihana’s
But on my way I met bitch as sqaure as a box
With a big ass booty and some goldie locks
And I ain’t gotta do much talkin’ she wet
Because she seen me movin’ a ’97 Corvette
The good thing is I never seen her around
So I took her to my spot to get down
Now AMG what you think about the bitch
She used to dance at the Jet Strip [AMG]
Shakin’ the cock, 20 dollars a pop
A nick name babygirl, use to have a jheri curl
Now she got braids, ex-nigga paid
She use to roll a Lexo now she got a Pathfinder
Wear a rubber if ya get behind her
Cause my nigga told me she had the heebie geebies
Give her drank and dank she’ll give a nigga freebies


We use to know her
She use to blow me
(Long pause)
I use to know her