Here to There Lyrics – Equipto


Maybe you can catch my next show
Whether its East or West coast
I show love all through the bay
Frisco, the O, San Jose
In LA, we off to the Beverly
Hennessy on ice, at the Embassy, Suites
San Lu’, Santa Barbara, all in, San Diego with the Chargers
We goin farther, touchin down
Homies run rappin, rush around
We hit Denmark, Copenhagen
Couldn’t wait to get back to the golden gate
To, Santa Cruz to rock at the Catalyst
To Princeland, off in Minneapolis
All through Oregon, parking lot pimpin’
Left Portland like Scottie Pippen

(San Quinn)
Said I slide out of Frisco to Kansas City
Missouri and Kansas the girls is scandalous
Shit is hot in Little Rock, Arkansas
I said the all get in, and the shit they talk
Then its down to Texas, Houston and Dallas
Where my blunts they roll the fattest
Hate the Cowboys, despise the Rockets
Like the country girls, cats smokin dope out they pockets
Hit New York like a Giant, the swings are back
No trust, no sleep, gotta bring my gat
Lookin for the king of rap, so I can take the crown
Then I slide to the next town
It was hot on the beach in Florida
On the streets got a peach in Georgia
Across to Boston, then hit the Big Apple
Shop Bellvue, was Sleepless in Seattle
In Vegas cracked and got lucky
Two Backwoods with my boy from Kentucky
Plane soarin, this New Orleans
5 in the morning, time for performin
Montana, bay grammar, Alabama
First rap show in Havana
Nothin but bammer, stamp the passport
At the Colonial, folks in Sacto
Tokyo, back to Japan
Got to be as worldwide as I can
I’m jet laggin, money in the bag
International with my rappin

(San Quinn)
Lookin for more dough, someone come try me
At the Pro Bowl, I’m out in Hawaii
(?) girls, I’m up on them girls
Tryin to put thangs in, take thong off girls
I can get a show with Louis in Idaho
Puff some real dro’ before I go back to Spokane
And catch my plane to Chicago
They searchin, dogs sniffin through my cargo
Never move illegally, from there to Tennessee
Rollin up a Titan, sippin on some hennessey
It goes down, mo’ brown in Cleveland
Ass round titties big gimme head this evenin
From Yamagata to Yokohama
Suckas sound like Mary sayin no more drama
Indoja aroma its California
With females frontin off in Arizona
Its me and Quincy, off in Cincy
On a red eye flight and we high and tipsy
Mississippi and Carolina
From New Zealand all up through China
We land in London, its all on a fluke for real
And we chill in Brazil like Snoop
Proceed with caution, back to back shows in Austin
A wild response in Wisconsin
In Colorado where the groupies sweat us
Or the land down under with Gucci sweaters
In Delaware, I couldn’t really care
I’ma set up my shop, from here to there

(San Quinn)
Like yeah, yeah, yeah
From here to there like yeah, yeah, yeah
We might go there yeah, yeah, yeah
From here to there like yeah, yeah, yeah
We might go there
Its Mr. Brook the menace crook
Wit my nigga quipto
You know how we do
Frisco g’s, from here to over seas
From the golden gate to the frozen state
Like my pops say, we get money
We might touch down, out there in Australia
In the land down under
Get a little paper, from a young bitch
From out there in Australia ya dig
Or Philly, I meet ya in the Philippines
We in the Philippines wit guillotines
Bitch ya understand, yeah
Cuttin up the mothafucken razorblade
You know how we do
Wit the Nick Peace track, we stay slappin
And if we in your city right now
Put your hands in the air say yeah, say yeah, say yeah
Put your hands in the air and say yeah, say yeah, say yeah
And we out