Not Pussified Lyrics – Heene Boyz

“I hate these pajamas!
These pajamas aren’t stitched for me!”
“Pajamas are pussified!”

Ah, whoa
Listen to our story ’bout three school kids
We’re on Wife Swap, we’re not some pigs
We go storm chasin’ with Mom and Dad
And a tornado would make us glad
We eat Slim Jims, we’re out in the road
Drop our pants, take a big load

Texas, Colorado, Dallas, Amarillo
South Dakota, North Dakota and Kansas City, too
Oklahoma City, girls got big, ah
Gainesboro, Wichita, Omaha, too
Half past the monkey’s ass, quarter to his balls

We chase dust devils, get sand in our pants
Our flies are itchin’, it’s the fire ants
If you’re trying to [?] us and can’t keep up
If you’re talking about me, you can shut the ah up
That’s my mama on a big white ax
People are watching, you pay the cash
[Mom’s guitar solo]

My name is Ryo, I love the big trains
I run your ass over if I think you’re a pain
That’s my papa and he’s making it stick
Take it away, Daddy, he ain’t no dick

[Dad’s harmonica solo]

I am Bradford, I am number one
I get good grades and have some fun
We are the Heene boys, we’re not pussified
We eat baked beans, now we’re fortified

Beans, beans, good for your heart
The more you eat, the more you fart
The more you fart, the better you feel
So eat beans, beans for every meal

We go to school to get an education
No homeschool, that’s pussification
My name is Falcon, I’ll kick you in the nuts
I hate big [unintelligible], I think you’re a putz
I walk into my backyard with my uh in my hand
I give all my ah, Boogerman
I look up in the tree, what do I see?
I see [?] tryin’ to pee on me
So I pick up a rock, throw it at his ah
He fell to the floor and his ah fell off
I took him to the doctor and the doctor said
“Sorry ’bout that, he’s dead!”
We are the Heene boys, we are fortified
We’re not whipped punks, we’re not pussified
We are the Heene boys, we are fortified
We’re not whipped punks, we’re not pussified